Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sweepstakes and Giveaways, 9/3/15


Giveaways in red are newly listed here.

Sept. 3
One Time Entry
Daily Entry
Designer Trapped - $100 Ace Hardware Gift Card Giveaway 
Eighty MPH Mom - Fisher Price Imaginex Power Rangers Giveaway 
Icefairy's Treasure Chest - $50 Cash Giveaway 
In Touch Weekly - Burke Williams Sweepstakes (5 winners)
In Touch Weekly - Looney Tunes DVD Sweepstakes (10 winners)
Leite’s Culinaria - A Kitchen in France Giveaway 
Leite’s Culinaria - The Superfoods Cookbook Giveaway 
Leite’s Culinaria - Victorinox Classic Chef’s Knife Set Giveaway
Living Off Love and Coffee - Butter London Nail Polish Giveaway 
Mommies with Cents — Rubbermaid Giveaway
Reviews for You - Entirely Pet Flea Kit For Dogs Giveaway 
Shop with Me Mama - Infant Car Seat Station & High Chair Giveaway 
Tales from a Southern Mom - Ultimate Back To School Giveaway
Tech And Treasure For Less - $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 

Sept. 4
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Daily Entry
Blog With Mom - One Glasstic Shatterproof Water Bottle Giveaway
Emily Reviews - Kids DVD 4-Pack Giveaway
IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways - Digital Kitchen Scale Giveaway 
IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways - Hello Cutie Giveaway
Kids Fun Reviewed - $25 Family Dollar Giveaway 
Leite's Culinaria - 5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes Giveaway 
Leite's Culinaria - A Bird in the Hand Giveaway 
Leite's Culinaria - Cuisinart Round Slow Cooker Giveaway 
Mama the Fox - Prestige Cosmetics Giveaway (2 winners)
Mom's Messy Miracles - Read and Share: 5 Minute Bible Stories 
My Boys & Their Toys - Miles from Tomorrowland DVD Giveaway
Networking Witches - Carapex Skincare Giveaway
OWTK - Smack Apparel Sports Rivalry T-Shirt Giveaway 
Sweeps4Bloggers - Hee Haw Collection DVD Set Giveaway (5 winners)
Tales from a Southern Mom - $75 Gymboree Gift Card Giveaway 
Thrifty Recipes - Sara Lee and Entenmann's Giveaway
When's My Vacation - Sara Lee Giveaway 

Sept. 5
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Sept. 6
One Time Entry
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All Natural Katie - Dreamtown Kids Organic Pillow Giveaway 
Beck Valley Books - Fractured Not Broken $25 Giveaway
Bed and 20th Anniversary Getaway
The Best Dessert Recipes - Molecule-R Siphone Giveaway 
Fave Gluten Free Recipes - Rudi's Bread Bundle Giveaway 
Fave Healthy Recipes - Qrunch Quinoa Burgers Giveaway (3 winners)
Fave Southern Recipes - Swiss Diamond 5 Piece Tool Set Giveaway 
In Touch Weekly - Disney's Descendants Doll Sweepstakes (3 winners)
In Touch Weekly - Person of Interest Sweepstakes (10 winners)
Jenn's Blah Blah Blog - Fresh Wave Gift Pack Giveaway 
Jenn's Blah Blah Blog - Homdox Backpack Giveaway 
Leite’s Culinaria - Deluxe Waffle-Cone Express Kit Giveaway
Mama D Jane - Little Boy Blu-ray/DVD Giveaway (5 winners)
Musing Mainiac - Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes Giveaway
Networking Witches - MAH Portable Power Bank Giveaway 
Networking Witches - NeoCell Collagen Sport Powder Giveaway
Recipe Lion - Farberware Purecook Ceramic Cookware Giveaway 
Recipe Lion - Ohuhu Kitchen Scale Giveaway 
Shop With Me Mama - $25 Amazon Giveaway 
Shop With Me Mama - Essence Cosmetics Giveaway (3 winners)
Tales from a Southern Mom - Get Moving Giveaway
Tricia's List - JGOB Makeup Blender Sponge Giveaway 

Sept. 7
One Time Entry
Daily Entry
ashley brooke - $50 Cash Giveaway 
Emily Reviews - Krusteaz Giveaway 
In Touch Weekly - Sterling Silver Jewelry Set Sweepstakes (2 winners)
Jinxy Kids - Count on Elmo Giveaway
Joy of Kosher - Savannah Bee Sourwood Honey Giveaway 
Leite’s Culinaria - Gino’s Italian Escape Giveaway 
Simple Wyrdings - $250 Paypal Cash or $250 Amazon Giveaway
Tales from a Southern Mom - Back-to-School $75 BLINQ Giveaway 
Tales from a Southern Mom - My Friend Teddy Giveaway 
Woman's Day - Carlos Santana Handbag Sweepstakes (10 winners)
Work Money Fun - Labor Day 2015 Giveaway (6 winners)

Sept. 8
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Daily Entry

Sept. 9
Daily Entry

Sept. 10
One Time Entry
Daily Entry 

Sept. 11
One Time Entry
Daily Entry

Sept. 12
Daily Entry
Steamy Kitchen - Apple Watch Giveaway
Sweeps4Bloggers - The Carol Burnett Show Giveaway (5 winners)
Woman's World - TrackR Device Sweepstakes (5 winners)

Sept. 13
Fave Gluten Free Recipes - Vacu Vin Whisk and Brush Giveaway 
Fave Healthy Recipes - Smart Planet Portion Perfect Giveaway 
Fave Southern Recipes - Rudolph Pork Rinds Giveaway (3 winners)
IMHO - Solar Garden Light Giveaway
IMHO - Tea Seat and $15 Amazon Giveaway 
Jenn's Blah Blah Blog - $250 Gift Card Giveaway
Recipe Lion - Butcher's Kitchen Impressor Plus Giveaway 
Recipe Lion - Casa Amarosa Pot Holder and Oven Mitt Giveaway 
Susan Heim on Writing - Serena's Fall Book Tour and Amazon Giveaway 
Sweeps4Bloggers - Elwood Bigfoot Giveaway (3 winners)
Woman's Day - Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Sweepstakes (15 winners)
Your Beauty Blog - Trufora 7 Piece Skin Care Set Giveaway 

Sept. 14
In Touch Weekly - $50 Kohl's  Sweepstakes (3 winners)
Leite’s Culinaria - iPad Mini 2 Giveaway
Leite’s Culinaria - Season with Authority Giveaway
Leite’s Culinaria - Simple Weeknight Favorites Giveaway 
Literary Winner - $500 Giveaway
Lollipops n' Ladybugs - Orkin Back To School Pack Giveaway - Back-to-School Countdown Sweepstakes 
Sonya's Happenings - $25 iTunes, Amazon or PayPal Giveaway - I Am Dale Earnhardt Giveaway (4 winners) - The Transporter Refueled Giveaway 
Sweeps4Bloggers - Find Your Balance Point Giveaway (5 winners)
Sweeps4Bloggers - Spiralizer Cookbook Giveaway
This West Coast Mommy - Owlkids Books Giveaway 

Sept. 15
One Time Entry
Sept. 16
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Sept. 17
One Time Entry
Daily Entry
IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways - iSwimBand Giveaway 
J-14 Magazine - Teen Choice Awards 2015 Gift Bag Sweepstakes 
Leite’s Culinaria - Le Creuset Covered Casserole Dish Giveaway
Shop With Me Mama - EquiptBaby Diaper Bag & Bassinet Giveaway 
Woman's Day - Hot Pursuit Blu-Ray/DVD Sweepstakes (15 winners) 
Woman's Day - Lactaid Ice Cream Sweepstakes (10 winners) 

IMHO Views, Reviews and Giveaways - Winkine Hobo Bag Giveaway 
Jenn's Blah Blah Blog - Nextbook 10 Windows Tablet Giveaway
Mio Festival Tour Instant Win and Sweepstakes (1014 prizes)
Steamy Kitchen - Tiger Stainless Steel Mug Giveaway  
Woman's Day - Mistura Beauty Products Sweepstakes (20 winners) 

Sept. 21
Leite’s Culinaria - OXO Good Grips Everyday Kitchen Tool Set Giveaway
Mom's Messy Reviews - $15 Family Dollar Giveaway 
Steamy Kitchen - Excalibur Dehydrator Giveaway 
Woman's Day - Hedgren Kaci Bag Sweepstakes (ARV $99) (8 winners) 

Sept. 22
Daily Entry

Sept. 23
One Time Entry
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Sept. 24
Daily Entry

Sept 25
Daily Entry

Sept. 26
Daily Entry
Leite’s Culinaria - Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Giveaway 
Life & Style Weekly - Minions Bazooka Prize Package Sweepstakes 
Steamy Kitchen - Falksalt Giveaway 

Sept. 27
Daily Entry
Green Mountain Coffee - The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes (623 prizes)
Woman's Day - BerryBreeze Sweepstakes (10 winners)

Sept. 28
Life & Style Weekly - The Age of Adaline Sweepstakes (5 winners)
Steamy Kitchen - Cookie Cutter Kingdom Giveaway 
Steamy Kitchen - OXO Giveaway 
Steamy Kitchen - Tiger Rice Cooker Giveaway (ARV $149.99) 
Twist Magazine - Micro Sprite Scooter Sweepstakes
Woman's Day - Day Designer Sweepstakes (15 winners)

Sept. 29
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Sept. 30
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Oct. 1
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Oct. 2
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Oct. 3
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Oct. 4
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Oct. 5
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Oct. 6
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Oct. 7
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Oct. 8
One Time Entry
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Oct. 9
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Oct. 10
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Oct. 12
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Oct. 13
Daily Entry
Steamy Kitchen - Bella Popcorn Maker Giveaway 
Steamy Kitchen - Jacob Bromwell Flour Sifter & Cookie Sheet Giveaway 
Steamy Kitchen - Philips AirFryer Giveaway  
Woman's Day - Dioptics Sunglasses Sweepstakes (20 winners)

Daily Entry
Steamy Kitchen - Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Giveaway
Woman's Day - FreshTech Sweepstakes (30 winners)

Oct. 19
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Oct. 20
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Oct. 21
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Oct. 22
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Oct. 23
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Oct. 24
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Oct. 25
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Oct. 26
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Oct. 27
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Oct. 28
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Oct. 31
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Nov. 3
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Nov. 4
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Nov. 8
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Nov. 16
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Nov. 18
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Nov. 20
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Nov. 25
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Nov. 27

Nov. 30

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Dec. 15
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Dec. 16
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Dec. 18
Daily Entry
Mars Chocolate - NFL 2015 Game & Sweepstakes (320,551 prizes)
Purex Newsletter Sweepstakes (ARV $1060) 

Dec. 20
Daily Entry

Dec. 25
Daily Entry

Dec. 31
One Time Entry
Baggallini - Handbag Giveaway
Whole Mom - Whole Foods Gift Card Giveaway 
Daily Entry
Bad Boy Buggies Walmart Sweepstakes (1,246 prizes)
First for Women - Million Dollar Sweepstakes 
Life & Style Weekly - Million Dollar Sweepstakes
TWIX Brand Pick A Side Game & Sweepstakes (500,001 prizes)

Jan. 31
Daily Entry
Marie Claire - $25,000 Island Getaway Sweepstakes
Woman's Day - $100,000 Summer Fun Sweepstakes
Woman's Day - $100,000 Treat Yourself Sweepstakes
Woman's Day - $25,000 Chance for Cash Sweepstakes 
Woman's Day - Goodbye Debt Sweepstakes 
Woman's Day - Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes 
Woman's Day - Lively Living Room Sweepstakes 
Woman's Day - Make Me Over Sweepstakes 

Feb. 28
Daily Entry

Mar. 31
Weekly Entry
Costa Sunglasses Weekly Giveaway 

Apr. 10
Daily Entry
The Walking Dead's Snap to Ride Sweepstakes (37 prizes)

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